Ticket to Ride Review

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Ticket to Ride Review: Controlling different train routes and trying to outsmart your opponents to every city is the name of this game

 Quick Info:

[one_fifth]Players: 2-5 (Recommend 4)   [/one_fifth][one_fifth]Time of Average Game: 45 minutes   [/one_fifth][one_fifth]Age Group: 8+[/one_fifth][one_fifth]Category: Family, Strategy   [/one_fifth][one_fifth_last]Genres: Trains [/one_fifth_last]

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So What is Ticket to Ride?

Ticket to Ride is a train board game and your goal is to get to the most U.S cities within 7 days by train. The is the essence of the game is to claim routes between cities, the longer the route the better as you get more points for it. You do this by playing a card that matches a route, which tells you how many train cars can be on that route and what colour route it is. What we like about Ticket to Ride is it is more kid friendly, this is because there are no tunnels and stations like the Europe version, this makes the game easier to play for them. The strategy is to try block your opponents from making longer routes whilst still trying to get your routes as long as possible.ticket-to-ride-review


Ticket to ride comes with a richly designed board game, it is very nicely detailed and is not too cumbersome to get around. The train miniatures come in a variety of colours and are similar quality to Monopoly Houses, but little more detailed which we liked. The cards that come with the game are easy to identify from each other as nothing is worse when the cards all look the same which adds to the confusion.


 How does it play?

Ticket to Ride is very cut-throat in it’s play, but fun. This is because there are only so many routes and when things start to full up, trying to find your way to get that last route for it to be taken by your opponent at the last minute is incredibly frustrating. However, when you do the exact same thing back, that is when the fun begins. The rules were ridiculously easy to pick up on, that is why children will have an easy time with this game, which is a great thing, as there aren’t that many strategy games for kids under 10. The game has a nice quick pace during turns which allows for shorter games, which is good especially if you play with people who get distracted easily or are busy. Strategy wise, the game can end up being limited because due to the simple nature of the rules, you end up using the same strategies over and over.


 Will my Friends/Family enjoy it?

This is a definite family game, the rules are easy to pick up on, and as mentioned earlier, the turns get quicker and quicker as the game progresses so you won’t have too many restless kids on your hands. Also it is great change from the usual Monopoly games that generally get’s pulled out for Board Game evenings.





All in all, Ticket to Ride is a great game, the components are good quality, the rules easy to grasp, the game play fun and interesting, and it is easy for children to play. However, because strategies end up being similar in play, repeat play of this game lessens, and because of this; expect to only pull out this game on select occasions during the year.

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