Ticket to Ride Review

Ticket to Ride Review: Controlling different train routes and trying to outsmart your opponents to every city is the name of this game  Quick Info: [one_fifth]Players: 2-5 (Recommend 4)   [/one_fifth][one_fifth]Time of Average Game: 45 minutes   [/one_fifth][one_fifth]Age Group: 8+[/one_fifth][one_fifth]Category: Family, Strategy   [/one_fifth][one_fifth_last]Genres: Trains [/one_fifth_last] Average Price: Check here for latest   So What is Ticket to Ride? Ticket to… Continue reading Ticket to Ride Review

Small World Review

Small World Review: Like risk, but with different races and a lot of pieces…   Quick Info: [one_fifth]Players: 2-5 (Recommend 4)   [/one_fifth][one_fifth]Time of Average Game: 80 minutes   [/one_fifth][one_fifth]Age Group: 8+[/one_fifth][one_fifth]Category: Family, Strategy   [/one_fifth][one_fifth_last]Genres: Fantasy, fighting, Territory   [/one_fifth_last] Average Price: Check for latest   So What is Small World? Small world is a territory game, where it… Continue reading Small World Review

Alien Frontiers Review

Alien Frontiers Review: Colonising a unique alien planet, getting fun alien technologies and building your colony… what’s not to like!    Quick info: [one_fifth]Players: 2-4 (Recommend 4)   [/one_fifth][one_fifth]Time of Average Game: 90 minutes   [/one_fifth][one_fifth]Age Group: 13+[/one_fifth][one_fifth]Category: Strategy   [/one_fifth][one_fifth_last]Genres: Dice, territory building, science fiction  [/one_fifth_last] Average Price: Check for latest   So what is alien frontiers: You and… Continue reading Alien Frontiers Review