Reasons to play Board Games

7 Reasons to play Board Games

7 Reasons to Play Board Games Board Games have long been played throughout human history, going so far as 3100 BC. Perhaps even further if records were to tell. Today the…

Ticket to Ride Review

Ticket to Ride Review: Controlling different train routes and trying to outsmart your opponents to every city is the name of this game  Quick Info: [one_fifth]Players: 2-5 (Recommend 4)  … Best Board Games for Kids 2015

12 Best Board Games for Kids 2015

Finding the right board games for kids, can be quite a task as there are many available, so here is our list of the 12 best board games for kids 2015….

Small World Review

Small World Review: Like risk, but with different races and a lot of pieces…   Quick Info: [one_fifth]Players: 2-5 (Recommend 4)   [/one_fifth][one_fifth]Time of Average Game: 80 minutes   [/one_fifth][one_fifth]Age Group: 8+[/one_fifth][one_fifth]Category: Family,…