Small World Review

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Small World Review: Like risk, but with different races and a lot of pieces…


Quick Info:

[one_fifth]Players: 2-5 (Recommend 4)   [/one_fifth][one_fifth]Time of Average Game: 80 minutes   [/one_fifth][one_fifth]Age Group: 8+[/one_fifth][one_fifth]Category: Family, Strategy   [/one_fifth][one_fifth_last]Genres: Fantasy, fighting, Territory   [/one_fifth_last]

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So What is Small World?

Small world is a territory game, where it see’s players control different races (yes there are orcs and dwarves) and use unique abilities to overcome their opponents. Your goal is to attack your opponents, or defend, and take over their territories. What makes Small World stand out is the previously mentioned unique abilities, these allow you for example to attack with more ferociousness or up your defence.

Each game starts differently as each race gets different abilities at the start, so no over powered races, which makes games unpredictable and fun.




The set comes with a beautifully designed board, and many many pieces, seriously, there are a lot, so invest in some containers for this game. Each piece has a unique style to it which is fun and makes the play more engaging.


How does it play?

Small Worlds starts each game differently, with the matching of armies to abilities, this makes for a host of different strategies as combinations are countless. The other part of Small World that is refreshing especially for a Territory game is that little turtling (heavy defence, slow play) can occur. As you have to be very aware of what your opponents are up to and be ready to take every opportunity to attack them. For a territory game, it plays quite quickly, a typical game runs between 75mins and 90 mins.

The rule book is quite extensive and there are a lot of small rules that you have to keep track of, however they do provide cheat sheets. It was quite easy to get the hang of it, and because I am not the best at territory games my friends who played only once could easily trump me.



Small Worlds is a definite for the family, and children above 8 can easily get into it. The fantasy element is fun and not too cumbersome to get through. The game supports up to 5 players, but we recommend 4 as the it can get a bit overwhelming keeping track of everyone’s movements.




If you enjoy having a fantasy styled game with colourful pieces, then Small World is for you. Small World has a few expansions that can extend the game if you feel you are reaching the limits of the initial game. Many expansions is a great sign of how the publisher is supporting the game.

A definite solid choice of a fun family game, that everyone can enjoy.

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