Alien Frontiers Review

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Alien Frontiers Review: Colonising a unique alien planet, getting fun alien technologies and building your colony… what’s not to like!


 Quick info:

[one_fifth]Players: 2-4 (Recommend 4)   [/one_fifth][one_fifth]Time of Average Game: 90 minutes   [/one_fifth][one_fifth]Age Group: 13+[/one_fifth][one_fifth]Category: Strategy   [/one_fifth][one_fifth_last]Genres: Dice, territory building, science fiction  [/one_fifth_last]

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So what is alien frontiers:

You and your opponents are tasked with establishing a colony on a planet. However how you get around to doing this is the trick, and it will involve energy and ore. Because of the limited number of ships that you get (starting with three) it makes this task not as simple as it sounds. Your dice are your ships, sorry no awesome ship models, but it does works surprisingly well.

As you progress through the game and claim territories, you will earn alien technology cards, these cards in essence give you special abilities which can give you a nice boost. With all good territory games being able to steal from your opponents adds to the dynamic and creates a tense play, which is great.



The set comes with a really beautiful board, and all the components are of high standard, making the price a bit easier to manage! Only let down was that the ships are the dice, would have been nice if they had models for the ships, but I can be a wishful thinker!


How does it play?

What I like about Alien Frontiers is that you can allocate your dice how you see fit, and it gives you a lot of decision making ability which I love in board games. So if you want to focus on resources early, you can. Also even though you may be the first person to place their final colony, it does not necessarily mean you win. As it is the person with the most victory points that wins the day.

Also despite the dice factor which you may immediately think, it is a luck game, develops as the game goes on and you can mitigate a lot of your dice throws through the use of the Alien technology cards, which give the game a nice dynamic. The biggest thing for me is that although it is a worker placement game, the added dice mechanic makes the game well rounded.



Will my friends/family enjoy it?

With strategy and territory based games I personally say it lends well to those who enjoy science fiction and strategy as a whole, this is definitely not the game to take out when you have friends over for drinks, but it is a awesome game to bring out when your friends are over for a movie/gaming night as it is very enjoyable and keeps a great amount of tension between plays.


Alien Frontiers is an fantastic game, if they included ship miniatures this will be one of my top strategy resource games. Although it was a task in trying to find this game, the wait was definitely worth it.

Alien Frontiers currently ranks 90 on our 101 best board games for 2015 list. Check it out the rest of the list here.

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