8 Best Accessories for Board Games

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Finding the right accessories to make your gaming sessions run without frustration is important. That is why we put together a list of the 8 best accessories for board games.

We asked around, looked through forums, and spoke to event managers to find the 8 best accessories for Board Games that will make your gaming sessions awesome experiences.


8. Pantry Element’s Silicon Baking Cups

Baking Cups? No, Silicon Baking Cups. Nothing is worse when storing your new board game to only open the box again to find pieces all over the place, bent out of shape or worse, broken. These are nicely colour coded to identify different pieces of importance or strategy. Having these baking cups in your board game boxes keep these problems at bay but also makes getting your pieces onto the table a breeze, making it our number 8 best accessories for board games.

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7. Revolving Playing Card Holder


This fantastic accessory, allows you to store three card decks in this holder, and can rotate around for easy access to each player. No longer will you have to keep certain cards from mixing together or losing cards. We recommend getting two for games that have lots of card types. We found this accessory to be a huge quality of life enhancer and made dealing with cards less of a headache, which put it at number 7 of our best accessories for board games.

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board game accessory card holder



6. Ultra Pro Soft Card Sleeves


Having your new cards placed into nicely fitting clear sleeves, helps reduce those ugly dog eared edges on your cards  as well as unfortunate spilt drinks and stains. Let alone helping you identify your cards from others if you are playing in a competition. Looking after our gear important as it makes for less frustrations and expenses down the road, which put this at number 6 of our best accessories for board games.

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card sleeves for board game cards



5. Pool Table Felt Billiard Table

Good Quality Felt cloth is great for covering your table to protect it from scratches but more importantly, helping keeping board game components from being overlooked as they sometimes can blend awfully well with some tables. The felt cloth stops items from accidentally slipping around the table and makes picking up cards and components easier. Having a large and good quality cloth allows you to adapt to different tables and is a definite must for board games, which is why it is number 5 of our best accessories for board games.

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Felt table cloth for board game tables



4. The Casino 6-Deck Automatic Card Shuffler

Card shuffling, the bane of existence, especially if there are lots of cards. This particular card shuffler supports large amounts of cards and is durable. Not only will it speed up games, it makes for a fun aspect of a game when the cards all get shuffled reducing the fear that someone is loading their decks or creating unfair advantages. This easily makes our number 4 of the best accessories for board games. However, be cautious with the type of cards you place into the machine as it can damage the cards.

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card shuffler for gaming cards



3. Castle Keep Dice Tower

A Dice Tower,  especially if it looks like a castle, makes rolling the dice easier and more randomised. It helps reduce times where people place dice instead of rolling and helps keep the rolling the same between players. This particular one is here because it is made of corrugated fibreboard, so not a cheap plastic one that tend to break after a lot of use, as well as it has a nice design which blends well for storing on shelves and in many game themes.

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dice tower



2. The Farkel Rolling Tray Set

If you decided against a Dice Tower, a rolling dice tray set is a must have, mainly because it removes the chance of cocked dice, dice going off the table, losing dice under papers and pesky rule books, and keeps the sound that dice make if you are trying to have a quite game or if you have sleeping kids around! This particular one is nice and sizeable which helps with lots of dice, the scoring details on the mat inside can be of use but we haven’t used it.

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dice tray for rolling



1. Solid Black Play Mat

This is our number 1 best accessory for board games mainly because it is great to have your own designated game space when playing against others, it helps you pick up cards, reduces them slipping around as well as it keeps dirty surfaces from touching your pieces. If you are at competitions this is a great accessory to have especially if the tables do not have felt covers, at home even if you have a felt cover it is great to have your own space for organising your cards and make picking them up a breeze.

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black play mat for board games and gaming


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