7 Reasons to play Board Games

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7 Reasons to Play Board Games

Board Games have long been played throughout human history, going so far as 3100 BC. Perhaps even further if records were to tell. Today the Modern Board Game comes in many different shapes and forms.

Yet you may be wondering why do we bother playing board games today when we have content at a our finger tips through the use of smartphones, computers and televisions. We look at 7 reasons to play board games for kids, family and you.

1. Patience


Patience? Yes, without it, you will never fully realise how certain opportunities present itself after a certain amount of time. Within a board game this can be whether you play your most important card or move now or wait for your opponent to reveal their intentions.

Sure you may say this is relevant in some video games, but with board games you have the human element in front of you as well, not some virtual someone. This skill comes handy in meetings, interviews, money, and even relationships. The ability to be patient gives you the opportunity to make better decisions as well as reap better rewards.

Board Game Recommendation: Pirate Dice: Voyage on the Rolling Seas

2. Making Hard Decisions


Going hand in hand with patience, do you play your strongest card or move now? or is it better to get some resources before building an army to attack your opponent? Tough decisions is part of life, we all have to go through them, with board games especially if you start at a younger age, you can start to make and handle hard decisions.

Board Game Recommendation: Tahiti

3. Number Skills


Numbers, maths, what is this madness! Being able to count your way to certain places on a board, count how many cards you have or even adding up the final score, is a fundamental skill to have. Sure by now, you should have the skills to be able to do maths, but for kids grasping the concepts at a early age, it not only speeds up their understanding of maths but also gives them a fun way to understand numbers without a scary teacher forcing them into it!

Board Game Recommendation: Sorry

4. You cannot always win


Learning that others will beat you even at your favourite game is part of life. This skill not only keeps your expectations and ego from overwhelming others but also allows you to earn the skill of having great sportsmanship. We all go through high’s and low’s, from not getting that job interview to failing a test, realising that we fail but getting back up is always important!

Board Game Recommendation: Forbidden Desert Board Game

5. The Flexible Mind


Board Games have a way of stimulating the brain, you are thinking of your next move, calculating what your opponent is doing, doing small number problems, and predicting the short-term future. These all have ways of keeping your mind active, stimulated, and ready. Having a quick, nimble mind allows you to react to situations with ease. These range from driving skills, to unplanned decisions.

Board Game Recommendation: Ghost Blitz Board Game

6.  The Consequences


When we make decisions, this can result in good or bad things for us or others. With board games, playing the wrong card can leave you in a bad position. Realising that every action has a consequence is very important, especially with kids!  Knowing that your move may result in another player being kicked out of the game is all part of the board game fun, and this easy play allows kids to realise that their actions will result in consequences for themselves as well as others.

Board Game Recommendation: Chutes and Ladders Super Hero Squad

7.  Family time


With today’s technology, finding time to spend with your kids get’s harder and harder. Either there is a new TV show they are watching or a video game they are playing, being able to disconnect them from these devices is important. Board Games allow you to all get together in a fun and stimulating way, you build stronger relationships with everyone and can stay involved in each others lives. This is because even though you are playing a board game, you are able to chat, make jokes and create enjoyable memories.

Board Game Recommendation: Settlers Of Catan 4th Edition Bundle


We feel there are many more reasons why you should play board games, but we want you to find them out!

Let us know in the comments what you think!