12 Best Board Games for Kids 2015

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Finding the right board games for kids, can be quite a task as there are many available, so here is our list of the 12 best board games for kids 2015.

To make our top 12 list, we had a set of requirements, the board game had to help with hand-eye co-ordination, light problem solving as well as be lots of fun for the whole family to join in.


12. Blokus

This easy to grasp board game, has a simple goal: Place as many tiles on the board, and make sure the corners touch! The winner is the one who places all their blocks first. This colourful board game is great for spatial awareness, and it makes for a fun family game. Supports up to 4 players. Ages 5+.

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11. Apples to Apples Junior

This Vocabulary building card game does it in a fun way of using comparisons. Which leads to a lot of thinking and problem solving. So what is involved? The judge starts with a green card, that has a word on it, and the other players then play a red card that they think best matches the green card, and then they have to convince the judge that it is the best match. The cards are fun and very colourful. The game supports 4 to 10 players. Ages 9+.

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10. ThinkFun Rush Hour Jr.

Rush Hour Jr. has you trying to get your ice-cream truck through grid lock traffic. Move the cars and other trucks to open gaps for your ice-cream truck. Great for problem solving and solving puzzles. Only for one player, that is why we place it at number 10. Ages 6+.

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9. Cranium Family Edition

This is a great team-work game that sees you moving around the board solving problems and doing fun activities such as sculpting clay and acting. The game is not as long as the older version, which is great for kids, and allows them to learn how to express themselves and work together, a well-rounded game! Supports up to 4 players, and ages 8+.

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8. Trouble Board Game

Trouble see’s you and your friends moving your game piece around the board, using dice, the name of the game starts when your opponent lands on top of your piece which results in you starting all over! The game is well made, and durable, fun for families and allows for spatial awareness and simple number counting. Supports 4 players, and ages 5+.

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7. Connect Four

Like tic-tac-toe? then connect four is for you, but instead of linking three together, you are tasked with linking four together. The vertical stand is durable, but we wished it was more colourful. Great for hand-eye co-ordination and simple counting. Supports only 2 players, and ages 7+.

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6. Sequence for Kids

This problem solving game allows kids to put some great strategies together. Their goal is to play a card and then place a chip on the matching picture on the board, but the fun is when your opponent removes your chip with a dragon card or places a chip anywhere with a unicorn card, we did note that this concept took a while to grasp though with kids. Supports 4 players, ages 5+.

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5. Cranium Balloon Lagoon

This well designed game, is fun and colourful, however it does require batteries, which pushed it into number 5. The goal is for the first player to collect 15 balloons, they can do this by spelling words, flipping frogs, spinning a picture and rolling dice to get tasty snacks. What we liked was the music timer, which challenges you to be fast. Supports 4 players, ages 5+.

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4. Jenga Classic Game

How high can you go? Well, we struggled! We love Jenga, its one of those games we battle to tire easily from. It is great for families as it does not require your full attention when playing unless it is your turn. Hand-eye co-ordination, and strategy makes this game a constant appearance in many living rooms. Supports up to 6 players, but we think you can add more, ages 8+.

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3. Settlers of Catan

At first glance you may think this is a serious board game and only for adults, but it is a fun game and easy to learn and kids pick up on the concepts very quickly. The game has a lot of depth to it, and the rule book has lots of pictures to understand the game. So get started building your settlements and roads, and collect those resources. Supports 3 to 4 players, ages 10+.

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2. Whoonu

Whoonu is the type of game you can play from ages 8 to 90. The ‘get to know you’ game is just that, select a card and based on the card choose someone who you think best suits that phrase/word, and they rate it from best to worst. This game is must to see how well you know each other, and is great in finding things out about new friends. If it wasn’t for the words on the cards, this would be our number one, as some kids under 8 may find it hard to understand certain words. Supports 6 players and ages 8+ (but lower if they can read).

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1. Ticket To Ride

Why is Ticket to Ride our Number one? Because not only is this game great for the family, children love the trains and getting them across to all the cities. The goal of this game is to get your train to the most amount of cities within seven days, by collecting and playing matching train cards to claim a rail route. We loved the detail of the board game, the different coloured miniature trains and how easy it is to play and can be a nice challenge. This is a definite addition to any children’s collection and a must for all family collections. Supports 2-5 players, best with 4 players, and ages 8+.

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