101 Best Board Games 2015

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101 Best Board Games 2015

From the great favourites to the hidden gems, here is our ultimate guide to the best board games.

Here is our list for the best board games for 2015, we searched, looked at, played and, spent many sleepless nights playing some of the best board games we could find. The list includes all time favourites, as well as some hidden gems that we were fortunate enough to come across! Because everyone has different tastes we had quite a few people take a look at each game so there is no biased views!

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101 – 90

101. Jaipur


This 2-player card game, a frantic game of pace, clever strategy and some great luck.

This is a merchant card game, selling and buying is the essence of this great game. As you take the role of one of two greatest merchants, and have to use your skills to outwit your opponent. Just be warned the longer the game goes, the value of cards decrease and the risk mounts up! A game only supports two players, so great for couples. Only downside is this game is not for those under 12 as it may take time to get the grip of it. A game lasts for around 30 minutes.

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100. Small World


Control and Territory? This is the game for you.

First choose from 14 fantasy races, so that means you can have orcs and dwarves, but even amazons. You then can customise with special powers! This tile based game pushes you take over adjacent tiles that have value and try and conquer your enemies. This games plays from 2-5 players, but we recommend 4 as it can get quite intense! Expect a good hour and half playing!

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99. Dixit Odyssey


This great party game gives you the reigns of storyteller, do you have what it takes to tell a great story?

Dixit Odyssey allows a different player in each turn to be the storyteller, here you must describe the card in a word or short sentence and other players must choose a card that matches the words the best. The art to this games is not to have everyone guess your story or non at all, else no points for you, but to have only one person guess the story! This is a great game if you are bored of the usual 30 seconds game. The game says 3-12 players but we recommend 6 players for the best time. A typical game lasts for 30 minutes.

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98. King of Tokyo


Ever wanted to play a monster/alien and take over a city, namely Tokyo?

This fighting board game gives you the role of monster, but of course there can only be one monster taking over Tokyo! Using dice, which will determine how your monster will act in each turn makes it a game of luck, and tactics. Do you gain energy or perhaps you need health? If you are big into science fiction and love the idea of being the essence of King Kong taking over a city, this game is for you as we had a blast! You will need between 2 to 6 players, but we recommend 4/5. Expect a game to last only 30 minutes.

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97. Mice and Mystics


Why try beat your friends when you can overcome problems together.. especially if one of those problems is a cat!

This is a co-operative adventure game, where you take on the role of various mice, ranging from prince to smith, you and your companions have to beat many challenges in order to warn the king of a grave threat. This wonderful executed game changes things up and that’s what we love, nice miniature models and easy to get into. This game can be played solo or with up to 4 players, but we recommend 4 as you can get the most out of your companions. Expect this game to take time as a general game lasts 2 hours.

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96. Claustrophobia


Painted Miniatures, dungeons, two players? check.

This demon vs human game, is frantic especially if you are in charge of the humans as your opponent will send scores of demons against you, and just as you think you about to win, the tables can easily change. This is fun game and easy to get into, however managing your resources is key.  The conditions to win change for the human player, so each game varies quite nicely, however the demon player’s goal never changes, i.e. be a good demon and kill the humans. Only for two players, a typical game lasts 45 minutes.

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95. Bora Bora


Great board design, intricate colours, but slightly hard to get into!

This island based board game, sees you building huts for your people and discovering fishing areas and collecting shells. Think of yourself as a deity looking of his/her people and seeing them to their full potential. What makes this game, if you make it through the rule book which is not for the feint-hearted, is the amount of decision making, and unique mechanics, it is incredibly extensive. Before you play this game, best advice is to read the rules long before so it does not take a huge amount of time to get into. A game requires between 2-4 players, we recommend 4 players but it plays well with two. Typical game lasts around 90 minutes.

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94. Navegador


New world adventure, got ships? Love exploring?

This economic adventure, sees you building a trading and colony empire and racing to beat your rivals with your achievement score. Use money that you earn to build your colonies or get more ships. There are countless strategies worth pursing, and some say specialisation is the key… but we will let your find that out! The rules flow beautifully, and the board is well made and high quality. Definitely cannot go wrong with this game if you love trading.  Game plays with between 2 to 5 players, we recommend 4 players for nice pacing but plays well with just 2. Expect a game to last 90 minutes. Be warned, this is hard game to find!

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Easy to grasp, complex to master. Do you have what it takes?

This ring and marker based game, gives you and your friends 5 rings each, the goal: create a row of 5 markers with their colour up, to remove a ring, the player to remove 3 rings wins. Each ring leaves a marker and when a ring jumps on a marker, it changes colour, so as you rings deplete the less markers you can flip, the harder it becomes. Great for new players as it is easy to get into. Only plays with two players, and each game lasts roughly 30 minutes.

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92. Castles of Mad King Ludwig


Ever wanted to build your own castle? Be a master builder?

Castles of Mad King Ludwig is a tile based game and it see’s you and your friends tasked in building the most amazing castle in the land. Each turn see’s you building a room at a time and a specially tasked master builder will name a price to each room, this role changes each turn. The goal is to get the most castle points, when a room is added to the castle, the player who built it earns points based on its size and type of room. This game plays with 1 to 4 players, but we recommend 4 players. A typical game lasts 90 minutes.

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91. Love Letter


A hidden gem, a pack of cards, and a great quick game…

The goal of this game is to get your letter to the locked a away princess, and you really want her hand in marriage. Your task, get rid of the other opponents letters. Considering there are only 16 cards in this game, this is a game of deduction, and guessing what card your opponent has. Each card is a character with abilities, and these abilities can be used against your opponents, however, do you hold onto a particular powerful character for a late game move and risk being eliminated early on? This game is for 2 to 4 players but we recommend 4, however it is great for couples, each game only lasts around 20 minutes. Be warned, this is hard game to find!

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90. Alien Frontiers


Take to the stars, colonise a new planet and tactically take control.

Alien Frontiers, is a resource management game that sees you building up your colony and taking over more and more of the territory. Use your starting 3 ships, gain new alien technologies and mine for ore to build even more ships and buildings. Alien Frontiers is a deep game with lots of decision making and very easy to pick up. You will be stealing resources from your opponents, over taking their territories and trying to max out your colony, but just know, your opponent is doing the same! Plays with 2 to 4 players, we recommend 4, a typical game lasts around 90 minutes. Be warned, this game is hard to find!

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89 – 80

89. Imperial 2030


Become a powerful investor giving money to six different nations, influencing the world

Imperial 2030 see’s you as one of many investors, your competition being the other players, influencing world politics aiming to get the best return. The reason this board game makes our list is because of the great replay value, the different strategies (as there is no easy route to victory), no dice and luck, and absolutely addictive!

Players 2-6, we recommend 4, average game lasts 120 minutes and ages 14+ is recommended.

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88. Ra

ra best board games

Ancient Egypt, bidding on tiles in an attempt to influence the Great Pharaohs

Ra is a bidding game that see’s you playing against your opponents to take over tiles through a tense bidding auction. These tiles offer different benefits that vary to each player, do you take the tile to stop your opponent or for immediate gain? We loved the Egyptian theme, the relaxed game style and that the games play well with the family.

Players 2-5, we recommend 4, average game lasts 45 minutes and ages 10+ is recommended.

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87. Die Macher

87 die macher

Ever wanted to run your own political party?

Die Macher, although complex to get into and very long, this unique and nerving game see’s you doing everything and anything to lead your party to control. Set in Germany, your goal is to manage limited resources and be the highest point winner after all the regional elections. We absolutely loved it, if you follow politics in any form this may be a nice taste of how politics play out.

Players 3-5, we recommend 5, average game lasts 240 minutes, and ages 14+.

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86. Glory to Rome

best board games 2015

Love the Roman era? How about building up your city to glory…

Although not the best artwork, this card based game has you making very tough decisions, from building buildings to making them more efficient. We loved it for its quick play, great with the family and kids, how cards can be used for different situations and the strategy was very engaging.

Players 2-5, we recommend 3, average game lasts 60 minutes, and ages 12+.

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85. Dungeon Petz

dungeon petz best board games for 2015

Run your own pet shop…. but of monsters!

This worker placement game see’s you starting a business of of buying and selling monster pets. This game is set in the Dungeon Lords world, check more on that here. Your goal is to raise different pet monsters, attend to their needs and try get rid of them to the Dungeon Lords for a decent profit. We loved the quirky nature of the game, and the fun pace it brings.

Players 2-4, we recommend 4, average game lasts 90 minutes, and ages 12+.

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84. Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords

Video by Dice Tower. We loved the cards, the overall theme and the cooperative play. For 1-4 Players, we recommend 3, average game is 90 minutes, ages 10+.

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83. Memoir ’44

Video by Shut up & Sit Down. We Enjoyed the history theme, the famous battles, and the fun strategies. For 2 players, average game is 60 minutes, ages 8+.

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82. Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Board Game

Video by Fantasy Flight Games. A Board Game adaptation of a Video Game,  this game uses the same Civ play style which we loved, nice pacing, awesome depth, and is great fun with friends. Players 2-4, we recommend 4, average game is 180 minutes, ages 14+.

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 81.  The Resistance

Video by Dice Tower. This party board game, with a science fiction flair see’s you bluffing, negotiating and partnering to outwit your opponent. We loved the pacing, as games are quick and fun, and the ability to have lots of players involved. Like the ideas of spies and operatives? Then Resistance is the game for you. Players 5-10, we recommend 7, average game is 30 minutes, ages 12+.

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80. Ticket To Ride

Video by BoardtoDeath TV. Getting your trains to as many stations as possible is the name of this game. We loved the family aspect of the game, the easy rules and fun strategies you can employ. Check out our review here. Players 2-5, we recommend 4, average game is 45 minutes, ages 8+.

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